VCU Langston Center – Improving healthcare quality and safety.
The Langston Center for Quality, Safety and Innovation is a new resource at Virginia Commonwealth University dedicated to providing the health community with education, activities, and resources that foster collaborative, patient-centered, cost-effective health care.

How do we do that?
The Langston Center brings together simple but powerful factors: practitioner mentoring, annual symposiums, grant planning and expert consultations are just the beginning.

Scholars Program

Interdisciplinary learning while solving an actual quality and safety problem

Langston Center Events

Annual symposiums, expert lectures, visiting scholars


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We’re connected
The Langston Center is part of the VCU School of Nursing and a collaboration with VCU Health.

IHI RVA Chapter Meeting – “Trumpcare, Republicare, Obamacare Lite? The American Health Care Act and the Uncertain Future of the ACA”

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Summer 2017 Newsletter

VCU LCQSI Summer 2017 Newsletter – Click here

Langston Center hosts visiting scholar from Switzerland

In June, the Langston Center welcomed it’s 3rd international visiting scholar, Stefanie Bachnick, from one of the Center’s [...]

Feierstein Lecture “Innovation: Galvanizing the Advancement of Nursing Image and Practice”

About 150 students, faculty, alumni and other health care practitioners, including nine online, attended the inaugural Feierstein Lecture [...]