For quality improvement to be effective one has to learn the tools, but also implement a change. On Friday, December 2, eight teams of physician and nurse dyads finished their training in organization, leadership, and performance improvement and presented the projects they have developed to solve an actual quality and safety problem they had identified in their clinical settings. The dyads spent four to six hours/week on monthly seminars, online modules, readings, and met biweekly with a performance improvement coach who coached dyads in problem solving throughout the eight months. The program was taught by interprofessional faculty.

The dyads represented a variety of specialties, inpatient settings and outpatient settings who cared for obstetric, pediatric and adult patient populations.

The projects are:

  • Cardiology Structured Interdisciplinary Rounds by Hem Bhardwaj, M.D. and Robyn Diehl, MSN, R.N., PCCN
  • Successful Chart Planning in a Surgical Oncology Clinic: A collaborative approach to reach a definitive treatment plan by the end of each appointment by Amelia Grover, M.D. and Teresa James, MS, R.N., BFA, OCN
  • Stony Point Hematology Oncology Comprehensive Care Model by Mary Helen Hackney, M.D., MS, FACP and Kristie Willis, R.N., MS, OCN, CNML
  • Decreasing Newborn Readmissions by Tiffany Kimbrough, M.D. and Lisa Rettig, MSN, RNC-MNN, IBCLC
  • Collaborative Vascular Surgery Discharge Planning by Robert Larson, M.D., MSHA, RVT, FACS and Kimberly Nelson, DNP, ACNS-BC, RN-BC
  • Designing The Patient Experience The VCU Heath Pancreas and Biliary Neoplasm Program by Brian Kaplan, M.D. and Mary Coffey, PhD, MPH, RN, CNML
  • Collaboration and Coordination in the MRICU – A Multidisciplinary Approach to Implementation of Daily Review of Sedation Strategy, Extubation Potential and Mobility Plan by Amy Dean, R.N. and Kristin Miller, M.D.
  • Reducing Serious Respiratory Events in the Perioperatiive Period by Paul Murphy, M.D. and Heather Lewis, R.N.

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Our next cohort consists of 12 teams/26 healthcare providers that start January 27 2017.