A group of more than 50 people listened to a presentation on “State Scope of Practice Policies
and the Quality of Nurse Practitioner Care in Community Health Centers” from Dr. Ellen Kurtzman from The George Washington University, School of Nursing. Dr. Kurtzman’s dynamic presentation on whether quality of care in community centers were impacted by degree of nurse practitioner (NP) independence in a state.

In her sample of about 6,500 visits to 291 NPs – 23% in independent states and 77% in restricted states, she found no difference in quality indicators. So patients do not receive worse care in states with independent scope of practice policies as some have suggested. Dr. Kurtzman answered many questions from the audience related to scope of practice and why not all states have unrestricted NP practice policies. In a time with a growing demand for primary care health practitioners, one somewhat easy option to close the workforce gap is to increase scope of practice for NPs.

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